Sunday, May 01, 2005

Religion: The Real Car

Imagine that a man was touring around the globe with his car. He came across people from a remote village in Africa. He stayed with them for few days and left. After he left, the people in the village decided they need to make a car like the man had. They cut trees and were able to make the wood looks like a body of a car. They were not able to go any further. This car of wood is not a real car but it does not preclude from the presence of a real car. Decades went by and the new generations of this village came to see only the wooden car. They believed it is a car and many do not remember the real car and how it looked like. This is a simple example of religions. The presence of a false religion does not mean there is no real religion. In both of them there is higher being/beings and a lot of belief of the unseen. But one will not take you anywhere and the other one will be your ride to the truth. The existance of people who strongly beleive in the faith of their parents does not affirm that their parents religion is the truth. There is a wooden car and there is a real car. With the internet available to us now it has not been so easy to search for and compare religions. But it has to be done fairly starting at point zero, where everything is equally possible.