Sunday, May 01, 2005

The American-Mexican Boarder: Everyone is Right

To see how complicated the world is you have to follow what is going on in the American-Mexican boarders. Both sides are right. The Mexicans who are crossing the boarder have to survive. They need to make money to feed their children and elderly. Similarly the Americans are right they feel their resources are eaten up by the immigrants include schools and health care. As a physician when we see an alien the hospitals commonly do not get its money. If things go wrong for any reason include language barrier we may face lawsuit from a patient who do not have or is not planning to pay for his health care. As you see both sides are right. That is why we have to export America to Mexico and other third world countries. When I proposed my project of Moral Utopia Project (see in my blog) it was blocked for me. As you see, anything but a Muslim Pro-Messiah.