Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Consensus: The Way To Go

I can not say to the American politicians it is over the party system is not working. I can not even do that in my mother country Egypt. If you want people to do something "Let Them Do It". You have to pose the challenge to them. Since politics affect my family and all of yours how can we best serve them. This is the party system and this is my alternative let us open the dialogue and see what will work best. It is the majority role after all. There is no consensus without a dialogue. New ideas always find a lot of resistance. This is the human nature. Dialogue is very helpful to even the person who put the idea. It sharpens his idea and gives him more ideas. That is the beauty of democracy. It increases exponentially the brain power that is examining a new idea. A lot of people who posed new ideas were met with resistance. That is O.K. that is how our brain works. Real democracy is a real dialogue. It needs however to be open-minded to new ideas. Even if we would have a real Messiah we would end by the need to have a consensus. A real Messiah unlike a common sense Messiah or self-appointed Messiah will have the reverence that makes people church his ideas. He will be accepted as having guidance from God. People will be eager and hopeful that there is something big going to work. Even if God would send us a plan he would like us to work it out through dialogue and consensus..