Sunday, May 01, 2005

Being Nice Is Not That Nice !!

People debate about the idea of people being nice particularly holding higher jobs. Work needs meaner and tougher persons is the very same idea of Satan. That is why the world is full of bullies and tyrants. A rude boss can contribute to the economy of the country some but he can contribute to the stressed out and violent society that we have. Which costs a lot of money if our baseline is the dollar sign. Jesus was very dissent as well as Muhammad. But it did not prohibit them from standing strong against evil and corruption. It is actually the only times you ought not to be nice. The first Khalifa of Islam Abu Baker when started his governing said " The strong of you is the weakest until I get the right of the weak back to the weak and the weak of you is the strongest until I bring the right to him from the strong." He has the power of the government behind him. He is ought to be strong against the bully. He comes to the bully or tyrant and let him know that he is stronger than him and he comes to the weak and make him feel he is stronger even than the Khalifa himself. Being mean for no good reason or for selfish reasons is a common misfortune in this world. Being nice is in fact quite nice. Being funny is the way to survive the tribulation.