Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Mean Spiritism: The World Greatest Religion

If you would ask me to write some of the mean spiritism that I personally encountered in my life I may be able to write a book if I would remember all the incidents in my life. I could remember from bullies of schools, abusive teachers and bosses. Oppression by tyrant regimes is like having mean spirited people sticking out their tongue to you all the times. During my training in America I went through a medical training program. I was very enthusiastic given my long time of training and knowledge. Which some of my colleague hated me for other loved me for. The one who hated try to get me. After I would get accused and harassed then they find the facts and my boss apologize. Prejudice people would love to find for you any mistake. They would not give you the benefits of doubt. I remember the person who was prejudice to me would end the year of training by a party and he would say a prayer and preach to God. I usually whisper to myself let us just have the dinner. I am sure I am not the only one who suffered different forms of mean spiritism, though I am one of the most unfortunate. I am not seeking sympathy but revenge. My revenge is not going back on my life with a slow motion film and try to get everyone who harassed me. My revenge is to conquer mean spiritism everywhere. In schools, work places and governmental offices. You will not be able to do that by being mean but by being very wise. Religion is the best to change human behavior. Mean spiritism is actually the best proof of existence of Satan. Good spiritism would make everyone happy while mean spiritism will make us all stressed out and violent. Atheists would try to find scientific reasons. For me it is plain evil from Satan. It defies even the common sense. The presence of a lot of good spirited atheists is not against the reality of religion. Similarly the presence of a lot of mean-spirited religious people is the proof of human hypocrisy. Standing to evil, bullies and tyrants is not mean spiritism but bravery and justice. To have humanism and kindness as the world greatest religions we will have to stand strong to mean spiritism as a group act starting from the top to bottom. A lot of people will resist, since enjoying evil is like eating banana or chocolate ice cream. If my memory is right the good prevails over the evil in most of Disney and the wild west movies .