Monday, May 02, 2005

Dealing With Tyrants

Nothing need so much politics than politics itself. For inside affairs a system that cut down much in politics so we give most of time to policies should be our primary policy and our best politic. This as I proposed is to have no party system. American politicians would not listen to me, but let me dream. Politicians are one side and media on the other side working in an open transparent environment. So we will be left mostly by outside politics. For tyrants that are weaker than us we can overwhelm them after we win the heart and mind of their people. For unpredictable or crazy tyrants we need to have good psychoanalysis to know how to redirect them or come up with other creative ideas. For closed regimes that are strong we could work with them to have more open and democratic societies. I liked what president Reagan did when he felt obligated to liberate those millions of people in old soviet Union and Eastern Europe. One of the best political talents is to be tough (not mean) without calling names and to be kind and funny in the same time. The toughness comes best when other nations think you are tough because you have your people, politicians and media in your side. When the Arab tyrants felt the division of America after Iraq war and the presidential elections they felt assured that they are in very good position. That is why America needed to hold their hands. One important role in politics is "What can my opponent do to me". That is unfortunately why America stood for years with tyrants since they were stronger than their masses. Tyrants are commonly very wicked that is how they stay in power for long years. They will play politics very well despite being bad in many policies. If you want democracy we are doing that one step forward and one backward. The latter usually in the dark. For weaker tyrants than us we can overwhelm and overthrow them. It is quite likely they would like to have it done peacefully. We have to work it geopolitically unless we have an overwhelming evidence that one of us is guided by God. International politics are always complicated and unpredictable that many kings and presidents are used to consult astrology and interpretation of their visions. The history is like a show that is recorded and is replayed again. Meantime we still able to move events. How both can happen I do not know, it is the brilliant of a God. We call it prophecies. It is another hard to grasp fact. It is like the law of creation, everything is created except the creator himself. It is also like visions that a lot of people have good experience with. I will continue to think with my eyes on prophecies and my mind on geopolitics. Like I am a person with two personalities.