Sunday, December 25, 2005

Why I Am Looking Forward For Christ Second Coming?

There is no doubt that divine intervention is the only hope for salvation of humans. No doubt they can not achieve it themselves. They can work together to create the most powerful computer in the world or to conquer the most devastating disease. But they can not work together to coexist in a peaceful and a just world. All major religions' members to be blamed and not their religions. If Christ to come today he would be crucified somewhere in the Middle East. These are some of the blames that can go around:
1- Corruption.
2- Jealousy.
3- Closed mindedness.
4- Hate.
5- Fear.
6- Love of power.
7- Greed.
8- Selfishness.
9- Anger.
10- Discrimination.
11- Prejudice.
12- Oppression.
13- Political hypocrisy.
14- Religious hypocrisy.
15- Perversion.
16- Wickedness.
17- Capitalistic political complexes.
18- Abuse of religions.
19- Stupidity.
I believe firmly in God but It would amaze me how God can break all these barriers. I am not the only one even for people who believe firmly in the messiah have their exclamation marks. Even an Elijah who would warn people before the messiah would not have better luck. We can not however loose faith since we are the same people that believed that the rod of prophet Moses split the sea and saved the Israelites when they were loosing every hope. Reading through the book of revealtion you beleive there is light at the end of tunnel but there is a lot of unpredictable fearful events. From point A we are in to point B which defines the golden mellinum of humanity we do not know for sure what is God's plan which is ultimately our geopolitical and precption of human history mixed with very unstable ecology