Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Why Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is a must solve now.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a must solve now for a lot of reasons:
1- The Arab dictators have used this conflict for decades to detract attention of all their people from seeking their aspirations.
2- Billions of dollars we spent in war and defense and no result.
3- The Israeli are quite opened to sincere negotiation and want to have everlasting peace.
4- I believe like it stated in the Torah that God will redeem the world if Jews are to follow his commandments and if to gather in the holy land (as they did). There were aggression from both sides over the years. It will be stupid to fight about that now since they are awaiting for the two end of time messiah as us, muslims.
5- El Mahdi (messiah Ben Joseph) appearance is imminent there is a good expectation that a lot of the Jews will follow him.
6- Return of Jesus (Messiah Ben David) is expected in few years and there will be only one religion in the world and no wars anymore. So we have to be wise and prepare ourselves by being righteous and peaceful. Satan will be getting crazy since man's salvation will be very close.
7- Muslims meanwhile should aim to have progress in their daily life and improvement towards democracy and prosperity.
8- Solving this conflict and getting the cousins to like each other again will make the Muslims and Jews unite and spread the morality of their religions. Jews always have this messianic view of the world and as I noted in America they have aspiration to all humans. You will see their great momentum if we need to work a plan to improve all human living conditions in the earth.
Maged Taman.