Thursday, March 31, 2005

Restructure versus distructure

The Current Great Middle East Project to the American Administration is going in the wrong direction for a lot of reasons:
1- It was not a genuine project to begin with. It only started after no WMD was found.
2- One of the important reasons to go to war was to appease Al Soud dynasty.
3- 9/11 terrorists were actually Saudi and Egyptians. So if the project was to alleviate repression that led to 9/11 these were the countries that we should have invaded.
4- The Saudi plan for democracy is only local elections so it does not touch the dynasty. We will just do a little patting to the Saudi, selective democracy.
5- The torture in Abu Gharib caused a lot of anger in the Arab youth.
6- There is no sound plan for regime changes. It may get people in streets fighting each other with no sound plan for democractic changes. We lost the Arab street. No doubt we made them think about democracy but there is no plans.
7- The plan did not address the poverty which is equally or more important than democracy. Actually the current administration did not do any thing to fight the poverty of the Americans.
8- The secrecy of the current American administration and abuse of Patriot act makes people very doubtful of sincere plans.
Maged Taman.