Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Why They Should All Convert To Islam.

People convert to Islam for different reasons. The most important is it is real or not. Then come other fulfillments:
1- people are searching for morals.
2- Sinners who do not feel clean inside it clean them and give them a new life.
3- Politicians who are trying to find a perfect government.
4- Human rights advocates.
5- Humanists who wants fairness to all humans.
6- scientists who found the scientific miracles in Quran astonishing.
7- spiritual people who find in Islam the spiritual fulfillment.
8- Women who find the high regard to women in this religion.
9- philosophers who asking for the great meanings of life.
10- Artists who enjoys and appreciate the glory of the nature.
11- All people asking for our simple inquiries: is there is a creator? Did he connect with humans? Is there is after life? Is there is a soul and spirituality? The good and evil? Salvation to humans?....