Monday, January 02, 2006

Righteousness is the only way to our salvation.

If I shut up the heavens and there is no rain; if I command the locusts to ravage the land; or if I let loose pestilence against My people, when My people, who bear My name, humble themselves, pray, and seek My favor and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear in My heavenly abode and forgive their sins and heal their land." II Chronicles 7:13-14
This is not applied to Jews only but to Christians and Muslims as well. All our salvation depends on us. If we choose to go back to him and forget about our disputes he will enlight our way and help us to establish his kingdom in earth. If the most powerful, rich and controlling are resisting and want the world to stay as it is they are inviting God's wrath.
The world strugle is not between religions but the rightous of all religions and non-religions against the rich, corrupt and controlling world powers. The righteous from all religons and non religions have to put their hands together and make the world not only better but wonderful place to all of us. Do you really think tyrants and the corporate-political complexes will let us control the world. They want all of us including politicians under the mercy. The Saudi family for example control a lot of politicians in the western world. Do they really care if a poor palatinan struggles to live or the Americans and jihadists die in Iraq. They care about their huge whealth and control of their kingdom. Do you really think a military corporation would care if people dies in thousands while it is making a lot of profit and testing its weapons. The righteous have to unite. The elite will try to make it a holy war or religious war to get the western media and the Americans in their side. In the same time they communicate in the dark with the Arab tyrants to maintain the control of the world by the rich and corrupt while keeping the masses aside.