Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Return Of The Cave Man

I am not a Muslim Scholar or Imam. I am a thinker and home-based politician. The very complicated world affairs and the widespread injustices in the world forced me to come out of my cave. I was like a stone-man that were enjoying his loneliness and swallowing his sorrows until some people started to fight and threw stones on his cave. He came out shouting: What in hell is going on?. The cave man bought a T.V and a phone to see if he can change the world and he failed. He found the guys who are fighting would not listen to him. He offered a new world plan that can reconcile all our differences but they did not implement the plan. They still do not believe that restructure is the only answer as with the American Healthcare/retirement system. He thought he had a lot of evidences that is he is directed from God say 17 or more but people did not believe it or like to believe it. He had even evidences from the bible about God's wrath and how this plan will help us avoid his wrath but they did not believe the bible. When God's wrath comes we all will loose. I already made Taman Health Plan to save America billions of dollars. My children are born in America and it is their main country. He can just disappear like Jonah and hide from God but a fish would likely swallow him. For his kindness he is giving for free to the American politicians the Moral Utopia Project and if they implemented it as it is they would receive Taman Health Plan as a gift. He is not in the mood to discuss any plans with anyone. He is not arrogant but he is burn out. He is not weak but he had it. Just take the plans and implement them as they are. Just be public, the worst policies are made in the dark. The cave man wants to enjoy his cave and watch his T.V. If it was for personal glory he could had sold Taman Health Plan for millions of dollars and make his small family very happy. The cave man thinks he is on a mission from God. If he was 100% sure he would come out of the cave yelling "I am not the cave man, I am that man you were waiting for, I am the one to announce the return of the Messiah".