Monday, June 27, 2005

Authenticity Of The Quran

As Muslims we were asked by the messenger Muhammad (PBUH) not to believe or disbelieve the people of the book when they mention verses from the Bible. This made a lot of sense to Muslims since Quran is the last revelation. If there is some differences you would believe the last revelation. It is rare for most Muslims to read the bible. This is simple most find the Quran is just too compelling that it is difficult to imagine a human can invent it. For Satan to inspire Muhammad with the Quran would appear foolish to most Muslims. However, some Muslims particularly now in this turning point of history are reaffirming their belief and examining the Bible and Quran to be sure they are not in the wrong side of both the truth and history. The authenticity of the Quran is confirmed by many facts:
1- It was written down minute by minute. As the Angel Gabriel would inspire Muhammad (PBUH) Muslims would write it down. This allowed Muslims to learn and absorb the Quran over 23 years. They felt the connection to heaven all the time during Muhammad life. He would tell them this verse goes to this sura and the other to the other sura. It was like you are putting different parts of a machine in place without looking at the design which was a miracle in itself.
2- Then they will recite it in their prayers which is 5 times a day. Many including the messenger would pray for hours each night.
3- Many of the first Muslims including the messenger and then many over the last 1400 years had recited the whole Quran. It is just easy to watch in an Arabic T.V channel like Akra (read) children from different parts of the world reciting many sura of Quran or even the whole Quran.
4- In the month of Ramadan: the messenger would recite the Quran to the angel Gabriel (updated version) and before the messenger death he recited the Quran twice to Gabriel.
5- The Hadith that contain the sayings of the messenger that are separate from Quran were not written as per the messenger request so the writers do not confuse it with the Quran. It was written after his death.
6- God promised "the verse: who is more trustworthy to keep his promise than God" to keep it as it is and he kept his promise (the verse:" it is we (God) who brought down the revelation (Quran) and it is we who will sustain it").
Both the old and new testaments are inspired by God. However the accuracy is less than that of the Quran. Jesus was a great prophet and though the idea of having a God who sacrifice his son for our sins is a noble one the Quran strongly defy it. Salvation is by the teachings of the Christ and Muslims came through the Christ. Taking care of every one of the planet regardless of his religion is the core of Jesus message. Uniting through our humanity is the way to deliver his message. The Moral Utopia Project is the structure that can deliver his message. This is my message to the American politicians take it and implement it and after you are done I will be glad to come out of my cave and shake your hands.