Sunday, February 12, 2006

Ex-Reformer Speaks Out: The Cartoon of the Prophet.

The Ex-Reformer Maged Taman in his blog writes: The clash of civilization is no doubt is well manifested with what happened with the cartoons of prophet Muhammad. The west needs to understand all of these factors:
1- Religion is sacred to all Muslims and the prophet is our way to God and the Islamic religion. All prophets are sacred and Muslims love Muhammad (PBUH) more than themselves. If you make a fun in a cartoon in one of them he would likely go after you. For their prophet it is outrageous.
2- The idea itself of making fun of someone in a carton is not even accepted yet to most Muslims. You see in the west politicians take it rather easy since freedom of speech has been there for long time. I highly suspect if someone would made fun of one of the Arab tyrants in the tyrant country he will be somewhere or nowhere that we can find him.
3- The anger of Muslims against the west is well appreciated even in the western counties. This is not a paranoia if the Muslims would have oppressed the west they would have done the same. Read in my blog the third structure.
4- No doubt that the extremists and the Arab tyrants feed the anti-American sentiment. All are playing billiard and all are hitting same balls for different reasons.
5- Besides for the Muslims to feel united even in one thing like the anger against carton against their prophet is a deep desire that they are yarning for.
6- The piece meal approach of America in spreading democracy is not even convincing the west. After the repression for long years the extremists that the west created are ready to jump in and take over. The made the game of freedom is even geopolitically dangerous. Sincerely I do not know what is the sincerity of the west.
So what is the right approach to these cartoons against Muslims. If I am one of the top leaders or imams I would have used a step up approach:
1- I would go to the Cartoon makers and sit with them as well with the magazine editor and explain to them how Muslims value there prophets and who they are very faithful that he was sent from God who created us and the universe and can destroy us all. They do not need to believe in our prophet but they have to accept our strong faith on him. Besides we do not even have a free speech and no one can touch the tyrants and now you go after their beloved prophet. I would asked them for a political apology like expressing their unawareness of the Islamic traditions and culture. This is not free speech versus Muslims intimidation. It is understanding how the matter is serious to Muslims even if you do not agree with them and your consideration why should someone put his finger in the wound that make someone else to feel more pain.
2- If they would decide against our view points I would talk to the Politicians in the same country and I would ask them for a political resolution.
3- For sure I would not do anything violent. The prophet himself was scolded harassed and was stoned when he was in early years spreading the message of Islam. He did not look back and try to get every one he suffered from. Actually his worst enemies became his best friends. His life was all about the message and not the messenger. That is why all Muslims believed he was a true prophet from God wants all the good to humanity.
4- Suing the magazine or boycotting of the country that published the cartoons would be my last steps.
For the common comment why moderate Muslims are not standing to extremists we are doing a good job by laying out ideas. Besides, We hate you all the oppressor Arab tyrants, the extremists/terrorists/jihadists/freedom fighters and the American politicians(just kidding).